About Us

Mer Group is one of Israel’s leading holding companies. Established in 1948, the Group maintains a diversified portfolio of over a dozen subsidiaries focusing on three main sectors – telecom, security and cleantech – while investing in other areas including satellite communications, biotechnology and materials science. Leveraging some of Israel’s brightest minds and an extensive global network, Mer Group understands what it takes to increase profitability and create value for shareholders, while always keeping an eye out for new opportunities.

Publicly traded (TASE: CMER) since 1992, Mer Group sets the highest standards for each of its investments, with all portfolio companies offering customers comprehensive, reliable and high-quality vendor-independent solutions. And no job is too challenging for Mer Group: its subsidiaries implement complex infrastructure and software/hardware projects in some of the most challenging venues worldwide.

Founded and headquartered in Israel, Mer Group maintains expert technological and engineering know-how – one of the country’s hallmarks – to ensure delivery of cutting-edge solutions on-time, on-spec and on budget. Providing tailored, customer-driven products and systems to diverse clients rapidly and efficiently, Mer Group enjoys a proven track record across the globe. A stable yet innovative holding company, Mer Group focuses on high-growth areas, catering to both its portfolio companies and shareholders today and long into the future.