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SAIP Suite – Intelligence & Big Data Analytics

In the age of social media and Big Data, the difficulties of intelligence work lie not so much in obtaining information as in making sense of the huge quantities of information that are already available. Identifying the relevant information and piecing together a picture of real world threats is the key for preventing and investigating crime, fraud and terrorism in the 21st century.

Mer Group’s SAIP suite was created by intelligence experts who rely on proven experience and best practices developed in Israel to deliver excellent intelligence and investigations solutions for law enforcement forces, intelligence agencies and corporations. The SAIP suite contains three innovative systems based on cutting edge technology and knowhow developed to deal with the critical tasks of analysing and managing data from disparate sources, leveraging the power of social media and countering cyber threats.

SAIP offers a suite of solutions consisting of:
OSCAR – Open Source Collection, Analysis and Response
ECAROS – Enterprise Collection, Analysis for Real-time Operations System
CIFER – Content Intelligence – Facts Finding, Evolution & Rating
CARTA – Cyber Analytics for Risks and Threats Assessment
Combining these capabilities together, SAIP suite delivers the right information to the right person at the right time.

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