Smart Cards and NFC

Smart cards, whether SIM cards used in mobile phones or separate cards, allow users to perform a great variety of actions.

They offer a convenient way to interact with different systems securely and privately, providing a friendly way to pay for services, receive benefits, and update information.

Mer Group offers a range of services for systems using SIM cards and smart cards, including telecom, transportation, financial transactions, security, smart identification cards and more.

From smart card acquisition to dedicated SIM-based development, the group covers every aspect of smart card based applications and systems.

The group has also gained thorough experience in implementing NFC and other payment methods, in compliance with the rigorous requirements of credit card companies.

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mobile-bigOur mobile phones are our most personal electronic device. We carry it with us wherever we go and use it to manage increasingly more aspects of our lives.

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smartcardMer Group Telecom Division has developed a range of STK-based solutions that utilize the security features and advanced capabilities of SIM cards.

Our services include consulting, project management, software development, integration, and handset compatibility testing. Learn More